Is the File Name Warning message malware?

  • 23 November 2015
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Is this File Name Warning message box appears when I start up malware? It reads: There is a file or folder on your computer called "C:Program" which could cause certain applications to not function correctly. Renaming it to "C:Program 1" would solve this problem. Would you like to rename it now? Then the checkboxes presented are: Don't perform this check at startup, Rename, and Ignore

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10 replies

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Looks dodgy that one has to rename the program files folder.
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Is it possible that you have both a folder called "Program Files" and one called simply "Program"?  That could indeed be a possible issue.  Take a look at what folders are on the C drive, and if you do have both take a look at what is in the "Program" folder.  If empty, just delete it, if there are programs installed into it, you might consider removing them to reinstall correctly into the Program Files folder.
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"Warning message box appears when I start up "
Have you scanned with Webroot?
Do you have a scheduled scan in place with Webroot?
There is a Program Files folder, dated 2/7/2014, and a Program Files (x86) folder, dated 9/17/2015. They both contain the same folders, except Program Files has a MicroSoft Office 15 folder and Program Files (x86) has an Adobe folder, both dated recently. Thanks for any help you can provide!
Yes. I scanned with WebRoot yesterday.
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Having both Program Files and Program Files X86 is normal.  I have that on my Windows 10. 
THose are the only two?  The error message, as you typed it, was for just "C:Program"   Nothing like a plain Program folder?
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Do you have a scheduled scan in place with Webroot? If not you should schedule a daily scan!
There is a Program file, dated 11/20/2015.  In the file Properties, under Digital Signatures, it says: Name of signer: Webroot Inc.  Digest algorithm sha1       Also, I am running Windows 8.1.
Yes. Webroot is scheduled to scan daily.
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This is what Microsoft have to say on the subject:
Regards, Baldrick