• 2 September 2012
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Hi Superssjdan...
Many thanks for that interesting information...  I run Win Defender once a week just as a backup to WSA...  As you say: it all works very smoothly ~ almost imperceptible...
Robinski...  😃
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Can confirm this to be completely true im my experience, as I run WSA & KIS, and usually KIS chirps in when something is detected, and if not then WSA picks it up as a backstop.
It is what makes WSA so unique/so works superbly on its own but lends itself to a layered defence approach if used in tandem with 99.99% of other security apps (I hesitate at saying 100% as even Joe & the Team, great as they are at what they do, would be hard pressed to cover every single security app produced, etc. ;)).
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Hi there Balders..  Thanks for the back-up info/support, which all points in the direction of: Go ~ Go ~ Go...

It's great when everything falls into place as though it was intended from day one on the planet...  Pity Adam and Eve didn't have it so good...

It's not because there's a problem with your Webroot program, it's just that the Webroot product stinks at catching malware.

What do you mean by malware? virus/trojan/malicious script are all forms of malware.

if you are saying that: "Webroot antivirus is greatest product ever but it stinks at catching viruses" then I wonder what is the point behind an antivirus?
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Sorry, but you have completely lost me...your point is...what exactly?
if the question is directed at me then my point is clarification of what the OP means by malware.

The OP praises webroot for being the greatest tool out there and then the OP states that it sucks at detecting malware.

I don't know what he means by malware.
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Hi tempnexus
It was and I suspect that the OP is using the generic term 'malware' to refer specifically to the 'opp up type ads' that he was having an issue with.  He is therefore confused.