Need help, I think keycodes not playing nice!

  • 6 October 2012
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I had an old keycode from my previous version of webroot, the one for only $40. I just upgraded to secure anywhere complete, and I can't activate on my phone or tablet because it wants to keep everything registered under old keycode. How do I deactivate the old keycode so it will stop causing me problems or make everything work under the new version I bought? I did download the right mobile app for my phone and tablet. It is working on my pc except the backup/sync won't work either. Also I do not get the search check marks in chrome, any one help me please?

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4 replies

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Hello Ambush,
Being the weekend, I would put in a Support Ticket and explain this problem. Support is open 24/7. ;)
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Was the support system helpful Ambush?
We are currently switching our Backup & Sync storage and it will be running smoother soon. As far as the apps on your mobile devices go, make sure that they have the correct keycode by following the instructions below.
1. Open the SecureAnywhere app
2. Tap the Android menu button
3. Tap Register
4. Enter your SecureAnywhere Complete keycode which I will send in a Private Message
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     Yes it was very helpful thank you. It was more of an oversight on my part probably. My last subsciption to the basic version (the $40 one) had not yet expired and the keycode was still active. I had at one time had the free versions installed on my tablet and phone and it kept want to connect to those keycodes. I upgraded to Secure Anywhere Complete and the two codes were conflicting with each other. Webroot support resolved it fast and I would like to say I am more than happy with my purchase. I love the synchronization across all my devices. 
     Some of my favorite features are the Magic Briefcase, which is so helpful and useful to me because I am a full time student. Now if I forget to bring my flash drive or forget a file at home and need it for class I can just log into my briefcase from my phone, grab the file and beam it to a school networked printer or email it to myself and print it from there. Yes I forget flash drives all the time :)
     I also am loving the app analyzer on the mobile phone, telling which ones are making network connections, how much battery they are sucking up, and or are security leaks. I love it, I feel like I have so much more control over my phones apps. I also feel much better about having the lost tablet/phone security too. The ability to wipe, lock and find it are awesome thank you! 
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I am happy they were able to resolve it for you!
Thanks for the great feedback. I am a huge fan of the sync functionality and I particularly like the Call & SMS Block feature. It has kept countless headaches away. :D
Take care and keep enjoying the product to its fullest!