so wtf happened to all the passwords I saved? when I log in the password section is not highlighted

  • 23 September 2015
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I had about 20 passwords when I click on passwords I get a message that tells me to 'set up' passwords and something about activating a key code....that will take 15 minutes.  SO annoying!  Looks like all the work I did is gone for an unexplained reason?!

1 reply

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Hello ?,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Are you by any chance using Firefox to access the Password Manager? If so then I am afraid that at the moment Webroot Development are still working on getting this sorted out, and given that the issue is the result of a policy change by Mozilla, this is taking some time.
Having said that we do have a temporary fix for the issue the details of which you can find here. This does involve a little manual 'tweaking' but this is relatively easy to do so hopefully this will sort you out until such time as an official solution is available.
Are you also saying you have signed into your Online Account Console? And Passwords aren't available?
Are you missing the Password Manger toolbar? There is a fix for that...
This sometimes does happen and to try to resolve it you can try running the Toolbarfix tool.  You can download it for here.  Once downloaded launch it by clicking on the executable, and you should see the following, and  click on 'Run':
This will not work in Microsoft Edge. Webroot is currently workng on a fix for this. Here is a KB article about ths HERE
There is another solution to this issue and that is to Open a Support Ticket. and tell them that you are having issues and they will be able to assist you free of charge with an active subscription.
Hope that helps?