VLC Player where to download is safe

  • 2 February 2015
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Hello everyone.
I am trying to download VLC Player, but where ever I go I get the warning sign from webroot
Would you please provide me with the link to download VLC Player

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4 replies

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This is their official page:
you should be able to get a clean download from there.
Direct link for windows :D
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Thank you very much. The reason I want VLC Player is other player's such as Window Media player dose not open many formats such as H.264, I personally like to use the Window media player, which other players do you recommend.
Also, If the Webroot shows the Red warning wile trying to Download any file, Dose that mean it could be a False warning ?
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I use it and it's a great player for PC and I use it on Android as well! Could be a FP but in most cases WSA would detect the PUA's in the download.
Also since my system is 64bit I use the 64bit version:
Daniel 😉