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Missing Search Annotations

  • 13 June 2012
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Missing Search Annotations
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I am missing my search annotations in my search engine results.  Why don't I see the icons for which links are safe?


It is normal for Webroot search annotations to be disabled on systems that:

1. Have another search page annotation system running.
2. Connect to the internet via a HughesNet satellite connection.
3. Connect to the internet via a proxy server.

Also, please keep in mind that search annotations are not available for secure Google searches (HTTPS). If you are logged into a Google account and are therefore using Google's secure search feature, your Webroot search annotations will not appear.
You should also ensure the option for search annotations is turned on.  The setting is "Analyze search engine results and identify malicious websites before visitation," and it is located in PC Security > Shields > Web Threat Shield > Change Settings

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