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  • 25 February 2018
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I signed up for internet security plus Today to protect my Phone & laptop. So with the $35.99 deals sound like a good deal but checking my account I notices that my card was charged 3 times all of them for  $59.51 & As far as my understanding was that the Charge was onetime for all my devices so why did i get the other 2 charges &  How do I go about a refund on the two others charges?

4 replies

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I wanted to circle back on this and ask to see if you need any help here. Have you contacted support at this point? Please let me know and we will get this addressed as fast as possible. 
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Talk about a confused day. I deleted WebRoot because I could not get a responsible reply some months ago. Today however, I relented and reinstalled and this time with no problems. I do like BitDefender however I thought that WebRoot might be easier to use. I paid NZ$127 for a product that was NZ$79. I have tried all manner of ways to contact this Company but to no avail. Take money yes but backup and support a definite no.

I am disgusted with WebRoot for not be up front with its clients.
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Sorry you are having so many problems @Jakksnz
@freydrew @LLiddell can you help at all.
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I don't have access to the transaction systems myself, but our consumer sales team do and they can get you taken care of. I recommend contacting them at 1-866-612-4268, during normal American business hours.