system restore error in event viewer

  • 30 April 2012
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i have contacted support today about this just wondering if others have the same error
the message i sent was
blue screen on startup & a system restore error in event viewer
ok i have been having a problem on 2 pc's with system restore errors in my event viewer so i restored 1 of my pc yesterday and i still get the error
event id:1 source:sr
The System Restore filter encountered the unexpected error '0xC0000369' while processing the file 'ntuser.ini' on the volume 'HarddiskVolume2'. It has stopped monitoring the volume.
i have a three pc license of Webroot Secureanyware Essentals 1 on my laptop of win7 and 1 on my main pc winxp sp3 MCE and now on my other pc with winxp sp3 MCE also restored a few weeks ago and i put Webroot Secureanyware Essentals V8.0.1.173 today and got a bluescreen and also the same system restore error in my event viewer (i wish i had not restored my main pc now becouse i lost some software i cant get back )
so now on 2 pc's i get the same error it must be something with Webroot Secureanyware Essentals and winxp sp3 i have not looked at the laptop yet
i have run chkdsk on both pc's and it seems like the error happends after that but i'm not sure
so on this pc with the blue screen it did make a dump file that i can see with bluescreenview
i will mess with my laptop win7 and see if i can see anything in my event viewer on it also

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That's the best thing to do was to contact the support inbox as they can have a look at your logs and your mini dumps!
Thanks Triple Helix
thats what i thought but was just wondering if others have seen this error
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Interestingly enough, a quick search for the error on Google shows that a lot of people have complained about this error after running checkdisk runs, and generally specifically on XP. The general diagnosis in those cases was:
1: Update drive controller drivers and cross fingers.
2: Failing at that, the drive controller or drive itself is failing.

Generally not a good situation. :
yes i found the same info when i googled that error but the one pc (Compaq) had norton after i restored it a few months ago ran the norton uninstall tool then install Avast free and OnlineArmor Pro on it then the other day i uninstalled OA Pro then ran the Avast uninstall tool in safe mode
so i then installed WSA everything seemed ok later i ran chkdsk and after the pc restarted it got to the desktop and crashed the pc restarted so i went in my event viewer and seen the error for the crash and for system restore
i put WSA on this pc a Compaq Win xp sp3 MCE to see if it would get the same SR error as my other pc was having with WSA installed i have a Acer pc Win xp sp3 MCE that was having the same SR error and has had WSA on it for 3 months i thought it could be a virus also so i restored it a few days ago and after i put WSA on it the error came back after running chkdsk
so a bad hard drive on both pc's ?
support has me running chkdsk on both so we will see
looks like support got it fixed by whitelisting some programs on my pc's like my defrag program so all seems ok now
thanks so very much Webroot support
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Great to hear James! If you have any other issues or questions feel free to start a new thread! :D