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  • 9 July 2012
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Have been running PrevX for long time and just installed WSA Essentials on XP computer. I don't know whether there's any particular reason to do so, but can you, if you wish, run WSA and PrevX at the same time? The reason I ask: I installed WSA some time ago on a laptop, same circumstances, and PrevX disappeared after the WSA installation and I just assumed they shouldn't run together and WSA removed it. When I installed WSA a little while ago on this computer, after the installation and a reboot PrevX was still in the system tray (I had shut it down during the installation). I didn't turn the protection, on but a 'right-click' on the icon appeared that I could. I know I could now just uninstall PrevX, but thought I would ask about it first out of curiosity, as I just assumed you probably wouldn't want to run them together and likely couldn't if you wanted to. Still have a license for awhile on PrevX and just bought WSA on a great discount
Thanks for any info on it... Quinn

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Webroot SecureAnywhere actually uses PrevX technology so you do not have to run both at the same time. You will be completely protected no matter what anti-virus you choose to run along-side SecureAnywhere.
Webroot will let the other AV programs attempt to find the malicious threat first so there will be no complications between the two. SecureAnywhere will flag the malicious file and quarantine it if the other anti-virus fails to do so. You get layered protection without losing anything, although running another AV is not at all necessary. Especially PrevX! ;)
Hi Mike... sort of what I thought but decided to get a better qualified opinion.
Thanks, I appreciate the answer... Quinn
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Quick Update:
While the information given by Mike is accurate that it will run alongside other AVs, the general consensus from the Prevx team (Now part of Webroot) is that WSA and Prevx should not be run at the same time.  They both do mostly the same thing, fed by the same database, and will no improve protection.  While they will not conflict, per se, they will both be adding their tiny bit of impact to system performance. 
Since WSA is effectively Prevx 4.0, you can use that alone, but using the two together will not have any beneficial effect for most folks.
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@ Kit - I was told that if you have Prevx 3.0 on your system and you install WSA it will remove Prevx so you can't run both together?
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It should, yes, because they really shouldn't be run together.  The last data I have is from months ago though.  If they are appearing to co-exist to a degree, this is new to me. 
That was my experience when I installed WSA on my laptop, PrevX disappeared, so I was surprised to still have it when I installed WSA in my tower. I don't know whether they've changed WSA since the earlier install or whether there was a goof of some sort. I had disabled PrevX and never re-enabled it, but it would open and show in the system tray, so I've just uninstalled it without really seeing whether they would actually function together.
Thanks everyone for the info, exactly what I wanted to know... Quinn