How to Save and Load a Custom Email Template?

  • 4 January 2022
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I recently made an email template for our Webroot security awareness training invitations. I saved the customized template with a new filename. However, I can’t find it listed in the email templates when I create a new campaign.

Is there an option that allows us to see the customized email templates that I have saved? I can see custom templates in there from our tech support company, but not my templates.


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2 replies

I just looked on the menu on the left side and saw “email”. When I click that, I can see my templates are saved! But I can’t seem to see them when I want to use them in a campaign. I think it might have something to do with our site ID. 

Ha! I figured it out! This does not have anything to do with our site ID. You have to open the email and make sure to set the template type correctly. Even though I customized and saved the template as a training, the email template appears to have saved as a phishing type. So it never showed up in my list of training templates. Make sure you set the template type correctly. You might have to do this after you create and save your custom template. This would be a good note to add to the documentation.