Been out of action for a bit

  • 18 February 2012
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Sorry to say that since joining the community my computer has been out of action.  Only 3 years old and the darn Hard Drive decided to start to fail.
Great fun ever since getting things up and running again.
That includes having to learn a new OP, new version of Office, etc.  plus what felt like millions of updates from Microsoft.
At least the one program that was absolutely no hassle to deal with was Webroot Secure Anywhere Essentials.
The whole thing has taken me almost two weeks to get computer fixed, then get everything back on, updated, and all tweaked to run the way I want them to.
My apologies for not being able to see the notices, etc. on here, or comment on any of them.
Ancient computer user - like since 1989.  Brain is now slower than it was, lol.

4 replies

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Welcome Alibaba_50 to the Webroot Community Forums! Sorry for the Hardfware problems but Glad you back online!
TH 😃
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Hope all is well now.
Two years ago my new computer hard drive failed after only 4 months. Even though I had (and still have) Webroot Backup installed, I wasn't fully utilizing it and shamefully I lost a lot of data. Won't make that mistake again. 
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Welcome to the community!! 😃
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Welcome Alibaba_50 to the Webroot Forum.:D