Error Message: Failed to find required file. C:ProgramDataWRDatapkgLPPlugin.dll

  • 25 June 2017
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Wayne here.  I recently moved my CPU to a new location and when I fired it up, got the dreaded fail msg.  Still not clear as to the "fix".

5 replies

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Hi Wayne1948
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Sounds like a problem with the Password Manager plugin. Please run this toolbarfix to reinstall the Password Manager toolbar, which should hopefully fix the issue for you.
If you need instruction on how to do this then please see below:
Once downloaded launch it by clicking on the executable, and you should see the following, if then that is fine and you should click on 'Run':

which should then take you to the following dialog:

on which you should choose/check the option 'Repair/Install the Webroot Toolbar' and then press 'Start'.
That should initiate the fix process and you just have to wait for it to finish, close the dialog and then check in your browser to see if the Password Manager Toolbar icon is now visible.  If the fix has been successful you should see the following greyed out icon in a toolbar at the top of the IE browser page:

One then double clicks on that so that the login dialog is presented, etc.
Note: This will not work in Microsoft Edge. Webroot is currently awaiting that MS allow addons/extensions to be used with Edge. Please see HERE for a KB Article on the subject.
Please let us know if this resolves your issue.
Regards, Baldrick
Thanks.  I have to wait two weeks when I get back to my beach house. LOL!
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Hi Wayne1948
You are most welcome...but I hope that you jest when you say that. ;)
Regards, Baldrick
No, I wasn't kidding.  Going on a cruise this week, so I won't be back to my beach place until 15 July.
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Hi Wayne1948
Hope that you enjoy the cruise and have a most relaxing time. :D
Regards, Baldrick