Webroot problems with Firefox on Windows 10

  • 29 January 2018
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we have been dealing with few computers, all having the same problems - mouse freezing when starting Firefox. Have been trying all sort of stuff, uninstalling Firefox, removing all extensions, updating Windows, removing Webroot browser extension, installing old versions of Firefox, installing new latest Beta Firefox...but all those at no avail. Still mouse clogging, practically unusable computers.
Until one pointed into right direction: try uninstalling Webroot, just for test.
And Voila! All is working now, light speed, no problems!
Just for test I installed back Webroot to one of those computers, and immediatelly Firefox become unresponsive. Actually so unresponsive, that I needed to hard-boot into Restore Mode.
And I am sure that Browser Extension was NOT active!
What's going on? Any info on this?

10 replies

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Interesting, about 30 minutes ago I opened Firefox and everything froze and I had to hard-reboot.  I'm not having issues with Firefox after that, and I'm still running Webroot.  I have Win 10.
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Please loop in our Support Team so they can gather as much data as possible. Thank you.
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I created a ticket, haven't heard back yet.  It happened to me again, but this time it was opening IE and Firefox wasn't involved at all.  I'm on Webroot version
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@, you can always reach out to them by phone for immediate assistance.
Business Technical Support: Call 1-866-254-8400 M-F 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM MT
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I wanted to snapshot Webroot logs for support, but unfortunatelly within my 2nd install of Webroot, where I confirmed WR was guilty for freezing, computer froze totally and had to do system restore. So no logs for support and I did not contact them either.
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Webroot support is probably the best support I've ever experienced, I wasn't trying to complain.  I know I can talk to someone immediately if I call.
I've experienced this with a few users, I hadn't put it down to Webroot initially.  Seems to be a conflict between the new FF and Webroot.
I haven't worked out a good patern for the problem yet though.
On some, changed to FF 64bit and all was well.  Although I did have to clear out all signs of FF before it would work.
On others I've had to use FF ESR which seems to be fine.
On my own computer it's fine unless I open the Task Manager then the system goes mega slow and the only way to get working again is remotely kill FF or the Task Manager process.
I've tried removing the browser add-on but that made no difference, no other browser add-ons made any difference either.
I've seen it on both W10 and W7 and only since FF 58.
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I'm able to reproduce it consistently.  Support  told me to not whitelist our RMM, which I did, (and to not create overrides for anything that wasn't required)but that didn't change the crashing.
We're having strange issues with Firefox as well. At first it was the same as the reported FF x32 and blank pages. We then started seeing issues with FF x64 as well. On my home PC Windows 10 Enterprise 1709 PC FF x64 executable was removed twice this week. Unable to access sub folders in C:Program FilesMozillaFirefox due to Access is Denied error. Only Webroot and Windows Defender was enabled on the PC. When I installed FF 58.01 this morning, it detected the previous installation and repaired itself. FF opens and works correctly.
Prior to this morning I have been troubleshooting and issue with not being able to install extentions in FF.
I use uBlock, Webroot, and Roboform. I could install a single extension, but trying to install a 2nd extension FF would state it could not modify the required files.
In addition, Roboform is not syncing on this PC or a work PC. Roboform is suspecting AV as the cause. The error is Access Denied on the AppDataLocalRoboform folders. Can't take ownership of the folders or delete them unless I boot a Linux live image.
I removed Weboot on my home PC this morning and was able to sync Roboform and install more than one extension in FF. Not sure what is going on at this point.
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Support maybe pointed me into right direction - disable Identity Shield. I did that on only 1 PC and seems like this fixed the issue with FireFox instantly. 
But weird thing is that when I enabled Identity Shield back on, the issue did NOT re-appear. Maybe there's some "wrong" and "right" order how Webroot modules are loaded or installed?