Important Information on Updating to Mac WSA 9.1.3

  • 14 September 2020
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To continue to benefit from the level of antivirus and internet security protection you currently receive from Webroot, please update to the latest version of Webroot Security (version 9.1.3 or later) before you install Big Sur. If you have already installed Big Sur, please update to Webroot Security (version 9.1.3 or later) as soon as possible to continue to receive real-time protection.

For detailed instructions:

4 replies

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Hi @freydrew 


Here is the Direct download link for v9.1.3.103:


Note: The above version is only for Catalina and above (Big Sur) and will not work on older Mac OS’s.


Notice the file size for v9.1.3.103 and the link you pointed to from @APruneau 




And the link you pointed to from @APruneau




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See here:

As instructed, I clicked on the gear icon next to My Account to check the version. The only thing listed under Subscription was a link to Upgrade / renew, and a link to Copy keycode to clipboard.  I found out from the Community website that clicking on My Account lists Keycode, Subscription period left, and Version.

Hi NormanB.

You were almost there. To check for updates, you need to click the About SecureAnywhere tab under My Account. See screenshots below for the Mac version of SecureAnywhere.

  1. Click the cogwheel (Settings) icon to the right of My Account in the console window.
  1. Next, click the About SecureAnywhere tab.
  1. And finally, press the Check for software updates button. You will also see the full version number for the software just above the button.

Hope this helps.