Make your AdBlock invisible to most sites that require you to disable AdBlock

  • 12 July 2017
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uBlock Protector Extension (CHROME ONLY)
  1. Install uBlock Origin by Raymond Hill (Chrome Web Store Link)
  2. Enable Adblock Warning Removal List from uBlock Origin settings panel.
  3. Enable the uBlock Protector List filter. 
  4. Apply changes.
  5. Install uBlock Protector Extension (Chrome Web Store Link)
Anti-Adblock Killer Continued (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge)
  1. Install Tampermonkey (FirefoxChromeOperaSafariEdge)
  2. Install an Adblock (I'd recommend uBlock Origin)
  3. (uBlock Origin users) Enable Adblock Warning Removal List from uBlock Origin settings panel.
  4. Install the AAK-cont Userscript[list]
  5. If you are using uBlock Origin ->
  6. If you are using AdBlock, Adblock Plus, or other adblockers ->
  • Add the custom AAK-cont filter to your Adblock ->[/list] NOTE:
    • Do NOT install AAK-Cont if you are using uBlock Protector, it will cause undefined behavior.
    • If you were using the original Anti-Adblock Killer (by Reek), it is recommended that you delete the Userscript from Tampermonkey and delete/unsubscribe from the filter list on your Adblock.
    • The guides above were tested on uBlock Origin ONLY.
    Test your configuration (Successful if you do not get a popup)
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    Thank you for posting Petr! Very very interesting & great information! 🙂