• 6 November 2013
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hpg64.dll this was on my system and ran the webroot scan to delete it.  what does this threat try to do or get off my system.

5 replies

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Hello webvault and welcome to the Webroot Community!
Webroot (Prevx research division) classifies this file is currently being reviewed.
One of threat researchers will surely give you more information and take care for your issue.
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I will need more information that just a file name (as file name isnt good enough for classification). A MD5 would be great or if you created a support ticket I can send you full instructions. What makes you think this file is malicious?
Snapdo somehow got installed on my PC and I cannot get it off.  Webroot has scanned multiple times, it does not appear in "installed programs" or as an add on.  I want it gone but have been unsuccessful.  The fact that I can't find it anywhere on my system or in search engine add ons tells me it must be malicious.  But webroot missed it?  Please advise.
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Hello robicheaux and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

It's not malware per say it's a PUA (Possibly Unwanted Application) can you please follow these instructions to get it removed from your system? It should be easy for you if not then please reply back.
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This is not an infection but a browser plugin you can remove it using the add/remove extensions or plugins (depending on what browser you are using). Please follow the process below as it should fix the problem. Also please check the Windows add/remove control panel for a entry relating to
You may also have to reset the default search provider back to what is was before this was installed.
1) In Internet Explorer, click "Tools," then click "Manage Add-ons." Click," then click "Disable" and click "OK."
2)For Firefox, click the "Tools" menu, open "Add-ons" and click "Extensions." Click the "Remove" button next to ""
3)In Chrome, click the wrench icon, then click "Settings" and "Extensions." Click "Uninstall" next to
If you are using Chrome you also have to check a setting to make sure on a new tab it doesn't open the website. In the Settings tab under "On-Start up", click the Open a specific page or set of pages option. In there make sure to remove set the default page to be opened.
If this doesn't work please feel free to reply and I will help out further.