Opera 15 arrives with Chromium-based rapid-release revamp

  • 2 July 2013
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The Norwegian browser maker has completed the first step of its transition to the browser engine used by Google's Chrome. Sync, tabs, and themes are due in the next version.
The Opera Software browser brain transplant that began on Android is now complete for Windows and OS X users, too.
The Norwegian company has been rebuilding Opera on the same browser engine Google uses within Chrome, scrapping its own Presto engine. The first fruits of the transformation arrived on Android devices, but now the new Opera 15 has been released for personal computers, too.
A browser engine's job is to process all the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS instructions on a Web page or Web app then render the result on the screen. Although Opera is following Chrome at this low level by using the engine with the open-source Chromium project, it's got a number of interface features that distinguish it from Google's browser.Among them:
Full Story - http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57591913-93/opera-15-arrives-with-chromium-based-rapid-release-revamp/

5 replies

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Opera is trying to stay up with the big boys.......and that is good. I have used Opera in the past and it is a good browser.
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Anybody know if the webroot password manager works on the new version of Opera?
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Not as a toolbar, but there are still the bookmarklets you can install through the online console.
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I downloaded Opera 15 and did a little experimentation. Webroot password manager can be implemented into Opera 15 easily.
First, make sure that Windows Explorer is set to show hidden files.
Second, open Opera 15 and then open Extensions from the menu.
Now, with Opera open and on the Extension page, open Windows Explorer. Navigate to C://ProgramData/WRData/PKG and find the file lpchrome.crx. Drag and drop the file over to the blank area on the Extensions page. A popup will ask you to verify if you want to run it, click yes.
Now you will have Webroot on Opera!
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Nice find! That wasn't intentional on our part, but hey if it works, there we go.