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  • 22 February 2013
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After some debate, the Software Removal Tool Idea has been approved.  Thank you!  
While I started this thread, and will maintain it, I am not an employee of Webroot or any other software company.  I do not endorse any software product, nor imply that any product is better, or worse, than any other product.  This is simply a listing of software removal tools I have found along the way that have been made available by the devoloper of the software.  These are intended to be used as a handy reference for folks with damaged installations, expired software, or otherwise undesired software for which they wish to use a removal tool.  In no way should the removal list thread be taken as a suggestion to remove the software listed.  Webroot is designed to be compatible with all other software, and this list is not intended to imply otherwise.  This list is for removal tools/instructions of all types of software.
Members of the community are encouraged to comment with additional software removal tools they have knowledge of as long as:
1) The removal tool or instructions are free for use, and provided by the developer of the software to be removed.
2) No suggestions or comments, outright or implied, be made that any of the software listed is inferior, undesireable, or should be removed.
3) All suggested submissions MUST point to the web page that the suggested tool is located on.  I will not post the download itself as the user is solely responsible for any and all consequences for using any tool listed.  Anyone who chooses to use a tool is expected to read the documentation of any tool before use, and agree to the terms and conditions of the tool developer.  Webroot, myself, and all others who may suggest tools to be included or post any comments here make no claims as to the effectiveness of any tool, nor will be held responsible for any unwanted affects or damage that may occur by using any tool listed.
4) Webroot reserves the right to remove any comment, suggestion, or the entire thread at their sole discretion at any time and for any reason.  I appreciate the opportunity for the members of the community to be allowed this space for the purpose of helping each other and providing this information.

NOTE:  While in general I will only include programs from the software developer, there may be a few applications from a 3rd party.  I consider 3rd party apps to be of greater risk, and so they are listed in red.  Again, ALL applications listed are "Use at your own Risk".
Adobe  Acrobat and Reader 9, 10
  • Read instructions carefully.
AppRemover  Supported Applications  Free Download  CNET Reviews
  • This is a 3rd party utility.  I reccomend reading the CNET reviews for this item.  While it appears to have a good success rate, there have also been some bad impacts as well.  It might be a good idea to use the software developers own tool (If available) first and use this as a secondary.  Suggestion provided by: TripleHelix
Avast  Download and Instructions

  • Short and sweet, but read directions carefully.
AVG  Downloads and Uses Page
  • Quite a few available tools here, you will need to select the correct one for the version that is to be removed.
Avira  Instructions and Utility

  • Manual directions and Registry cleaner application
BitDefender  Instructions and Download

  • Short and to the point.
 BullGuard  Instructions and Download
  • Instructions and links appear to be a bit confused, but also contains removal tool.
Comodo  Instructions and Download
  •  Third Party Tool While this is located on the Comodo forums, the tool was developed by users, not the developer.  Approach with caution.
Eset  Instructions and Download

  • Using the ESET Uninstaller may reset your Windows network settings. Command window, read directions carefully.
F-Secure  FTP Instructions and Downloads

  • FTP site.  Instructions are in the readme.txt file.
G Data  Download

  • Description, but no instructions.
Java  Removal Applet
  • Removal Applet, opens the removal tool in your browser.  It should detect and remove old versions of Java.
Kaspersky Labs  Download and Instructions
  • Several different products are listed, as well as specific directions for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
LavaSoft Ad-Aware  Instructions

  • No download, but the manual instructions are pretty straightforward and easy.  Old post: 2006
Malwarebyte's Download link and Instructions

  • This is a discussion board thread that contains the download link, as well as instructions.
McAfee  Download and Instructions

  •  This covers a variety of products
Microsoft  Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter 
  • Third Party: Even though by Microsoft, this is meant for helping when uninstalling ANY program that failed to correctly uninstall.  There have been several versions of this due to issues, so I recommended using with caution to be on the safe side.
Microsoft Office  Office 2010  Office 2007  Office 2003  Office for Mac 2011  Office for Mac 2008

  • Manual instructions.
Microsoft Security Essentials  Instructions and Download

Norton Removal Tool  Downloads and Uses Page
  • The Norton removal tool is actually a set of different tools for a variety of Symantec/Norton software.  
NEW: Revo Uninstaller Freeware v2.0.4

Download and Install
  • Third Party Utility  Included even though a third party utility due to recommendation.  Free and fuller featured pro versions available, this utility helps remove stubborn remnants standard uninstalls can leave behind.  Suggestion provided by: TripleHelix
Trend Micro  Directions
  • Directions on how to remove 
Webroot  Deactivate KB Article

  • No tool, just simple instructions for Android.  The KB article has how to use your MyWebroot Account Console to remotely deactivate/uninstall an installation.
Webroot PC Removal/Upgrade Tool

  • Intended as a tool to be used during the upgrade from older versions of Webroot software (2011 and previous products) to the WSA product line, this tool may help removing such legacy Webroot applications when normal methods fail.  It is suggested to make a restore point first!  This will not remove versions 2012 and later of WSA.
  • There are a number of utilities available to repair/remove various parts of your WSA installation.  At this time I have not listed these individually, but Webroot Mods and Support may have access to these.
More coming soon.. I have a nice list, but as some of them are a bit old I am re-verifying my links before posting.

44 replies

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David, I hadn't noticed this thread before, probably because it was buried deep in the Ideas Exchange Forum.  Now that I have seen it, I endorse it and have "kudoed" it.  I think it's a worthwhile idea.  I also think, from a cursory view, you have covered the bases.
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@ wrote:
David, I hadn't noticed this thread before, probably because it was buried deep in the Ideas Exchange Forum.  Now that I have seen it, I endorse it and have "kudoed" it.  I think it's a worthwhile idea.  I also think, from a cursory view, you have covered the bases.
Thank you!
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David, this topic will surely be helpful to a lot of people. Thanks for creating it! I went ahead and floated it to the top of the forum for easy reference.
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This is a great idea.
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AppRemover Free
"AppRemover will find and uninstall any security applications on your system, such as virus protection programs and spybot removers. Sometimes antivirus programs do not uninstall completely, so if you're replacing one security application with another, AppRemover can help you remove the old program so you can start fresh with the new one. This free program works well and installs and uninstalls with no problems. It is useful for ensuring that there are no remnants of old and outdated security software lurking in your PC." ApplicationsFree Download  
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Hey TH!
Sorry I have not gotten a start on putting a list up.. been a hectic and difficult couple of days.  Thank you for the suggestion.. I will check it out!
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I have a small start.  There will be more coming, but I am re-verifying all of my links prior to adding them.
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This is shaping up nicely, David.  Keep up the good work!
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Very nice explanoit!  Thank you.. I am going to have to consult a Mod on how I should use it... include your link as is, or enter each link in there separately.  It looks like they are mostly from the software developers.
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Thanks David. Your thread is of a KB article quality 😉 Well done.
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Great Job David! ;)
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Thank you Daniel!  I still have a number more to put up.. doing a few here and there.  
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Excellent job David, I like this idea. 😉
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@ wrote:
Excellent job David, I like this idea. ;)
Thanks Dave!  I have more to add, but between being under the weather myself this week and long work week, I have been lazy.  I will get some more added in over the weekend though!  If you have any that are not listed, please pass them along and I will be glad to add them to the list!
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Hey David how about Revo Uninstaller Free even though the free version is for 32bit systems only and does a great job of removing programs including security software as I have the Pro version and many do know about it and use it.
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@ wrote:
Hey David how about Revo Uninstaller Free even though the free version is for 32bit systems only and does a great job of removing programs including security software as I have the Pro version and many do know about it and use it.
I will get it added tonight after work.  Thank you for the suggestion!
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David, in my opinion, you are doing an excellent job with this.  The idea of having removal tools of significant products in one place is most convenient.  I am going to bookmark this thread and save it as one of my favorites.:D
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Thank you Richard!  If you have any suggestions for additions, I am always happy to look for them!
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Source: The Webroot Support Team.
To remove a computer from the online SecureAnywhere Management Website, please follow the instructions below.
1. Log in to and select the console you want to view.
2. Click the PC Security tab.
3. Select the PC you want to deactivate. A window with options for this PC appears.
4. Click Commands.
5. Click Deactivate.
6. A confirmation popup appears. If you are certain you want to deactivate the PC, click Confirm.
7. A second popup appears, indicating that the computer is being deactivated. Click OK.
If the selected computer is running at this time, the SecureAnywhere will be uninstalled immediately. If the computer is currently turned off, SecureAnywhere will be uninstalled the next time you reboot the machine.
Thank you,
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Good idea to include the Conole Deactivate commands.  I am not quite sure how to include it yet, as the listing works best with actual links.  I will check the Knowledge Base for an article with the directions, and if it does not exist, I will ask that it be created so that an easy link exists for it.
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Hello DavidP!
Well done, good idea.  I wish you luck.
Thank you,
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Maurizio,  I have already posted an Idea about putting together a Knowledge Base article regarding the deactivation process.  Thank you again for the idea of including it here.. hopefully it will be incorporated into the KB!
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Thanks to you.
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The KB article is up, and I have linked it in the post here.  Thanks again Maurizio for the great idea!