Unable To Print Bank Statement

  • 25 January 2014
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Am unable to print bank documents online.  Have turned off Web Shield but that doesn't work. Did I need to uninstall WSA
Cher Peadon

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What's the error you receive when trying to print?
If anything, it could be related to the Identity Shield, depending on if you are using a printing application, it could be blocked from accessing protected data ie. Your bank statement from your protected browser. 
Try this:
1. Check in Identity Shield > Settings > Protected Applications. Is there anything set to 'deny'?
2. Disable the Identity Shield Completly
3. Disable Webroot temporarily. Advanced Settings > Install Settings (or basic configuration from the management portal) > Allow SecureAnywhere to be Shutdown manually. Once this option is enabled, right-click the Webroot tray and select 'Shut down protection'.
Please keep us posted on the results.