Cannot log into iPhone apps

  • 27 March 2013
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I have recently bought SecureAnywhere Complete.  I have no problems logging onto my account on my PC but neither SecureWeb nor Backup&Sync will accept my information.  I have verified the information is correct (and works elsewhere) but it still will not work on your apps.
Fix please.

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9 replies

I am having this exact same problem.  My information is correct and works fine logging with PC, but both apps reject it.  I have SecureAnywhere Complete.
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Please try again with the same credentials, this should now be resolved.
No, still cannot log on.
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It looks like you need to enable your permissions through your online account.
Changing User Permissions
  1. Log into your My Webroot Account
  2. Click the drop-down arrow on your email address and go to Manage Users
  3. Click Edit user Details/Permissions at the right of each user
  4. Click the Access & Permissions tab
  5. Make sure that Passwords and Backups are both checked
  6. Change the settings (Mobile Security Console in particular) to Admin and Access
  7. Click Save Access & Permissions
Works! Thanks 🙂
I've downloaded and (finally) logged on to the apps and my phone still does not show as being protected. How do I get my phone protected???
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No problem! 😉
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Your iOS devices will not show up in the MyWebroot Account. We are constantly adding features/functionality to our Mac products - but as it stands, the Apple environment does not currently allow antivirus programs which means that we do not have a full antivirus app for iOS devices. However, you can use the SecureWeb Browser (with Password Management) and the Backup & Sync app for increased security and the convenience of syncing your data.
This may change in the future as the iOS environments change over time.