How do i log into my mobile app! i have entered my user name and correct password but it says error

  • 25 February 2015
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I downloaded the app. i pressed the key icon logged in with my webroot log in info and the correct password, but it says that its incorrect. I have no issues loging into my online system, yet cant access the app. Please help me out here.

1 reply

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Hello jsargent,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
Would you please check your permissions as directed here below.
It sounds like you need to enable your permissions through your online account. Changing User Permissions Log into your My Webroot Account Click the drop-down arrow on your email address and go to Manage Users Click Edit user Details/Permissions at the right of each user Click the Access & Permissions tab Make sure that Passwords and Backups are both checked Change the settings (Mobile Security Console in particular) to Admin and Access Click Save Access & Permissions.
If none of this helps then you will need to Submit A Trouble Ticket for assistance.  
Let us know if this was resolved or not.
Kind Regards,