A bug in the galaxy s2 when trying to unlock

  • 15 March 2012
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I accidently locked my galaxy s2. I also have always had enabled  the draw a secret pattern security for certain apps. The problem is when i come to the section where its asking me to put in the webroot password the screen doesnt give me enough time to do this, because its nearly instananeosly flashing between the draw pattern screen and the put in webroot password box screen. There seems to be a conflict. Can you help?...because this an expensive phone with a lot of information i need on it. Is there a way round this, for example unlocking the phone from my account when logged in on my computer? (I have looked but cannot see if and where this can be done)

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The Galaxy S2 doesn't have the functionality to lock certain apps, by default. It appears you're using a third party app lock application. The lock screen built in the phone appears first, followed by the Webroot lock. If you're having interference when attempting to enter your password, it appears to be coming from the app lock application you have installed on your phone. What's happening here is that two apps that both the share the same level of permissions on the device are fighting with each other over which one needs to be on top.  Both apps lock the device.  Both apps want to be the one that gets unlocked first because the other app is considered "other stuff" on the phone, which is what that app is designed for, to prevent anybody from accessing it. If it seems that neither app will allow entry due to the problem, a factory reset is the only option in such a case.
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The problem is if 2 security apps  (webroot and another 3rd party app securty application) are fighting each other by alternate input screens flashing on and off, its not allowing me to use either to gain access to the phone to do a factory reset. How do I do a factory reset without being able to get into the phone?...I hope you can help..thankyou
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Try these steps, which I copied from our friends at AndroidPIT
1. If your Samsung Galaxy S II is frozen, Shut the POWER OFF, take the battery out and put it back again.
2. Hold the Volume Down button
3. Briefly Press and release the Power button
4. A menu will then appears that let you allows for Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock
5. Select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button
6. Quickly Press and release the Power button
7. Select Volume Up for YES and Volume Down for NO

If the above procedures doesn't work. try this another method:

1. Turn the POWER OFF, pull the battery out and put it back again.
2. Simultaneously press the Volume Up, Home and Power button
3. If the Samsung Symbol appears, release the Power button
4. A Boot Menu will then show, Use the volume up/down to choose and home to select.
Let us know if this works.
Yes the last method did work!..thank you so much!!
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Great stuff.
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