How do you deactivate a lost Android phone that has the Secure Anywhere App installed?

  • 22 January 2015
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Assume I have lost my Android phone and want to deactivate it using the Secure Anywhere App remotely. How would I accomplish this task?

1 reply

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Please sign into your on line Account Console. and go to Mobile and Deactivate
  1. og in to and select the console you want to view.
  2. Click the Mobile Security tab.
  3. Select the device you want to deactivate. [img][/img] A window with options for this device appears.
  4. Click Remove Device. [img][/img]
  5. A confirmation popup appears. If you are certain you want to deactivate the device, click Yes, continue. [img][/img] The device is removed from your Webroot Account.
Do let us know if you need more assistance and we will glady help.
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