I purchased 2 Premiere subscriptions - Now Google Play won't let me update

I purchased 2 one year subscriptions for two Samsung tablets.  Each tablet shows a product key and 337 days left.  When I go to Google Play store to update, it shows that I have the free versions installed and I can't update the paid version.
Please show me how to fix this.
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Hello Silver66 and welcome to the Community!
Please go to the Google Play Store and uninstall the free version of the software. After you have done this please search for "Webroot SecureAnywhere Premiere" within Google Play and install this application.
Once you enter your keycodes into this "Premier" application you will be able to update them on Google Play and you will get the full protection that you paid for!
Please let me know if you have any other questions and if this works for you!
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Mike R
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That did not work.  The Google Play Store wants to charge me $19.99 again!!
Do you have any workable solutions?
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Hi Silver66,
There is a suggested solution that has been posted that pertains to the issue you have been experiencing.
Please click and read the solution posted by our very own Kit.
If you have any questions, let us know!
Josh C
Thanks for the reply Josh, but that does not help me.  The application that I have on my Android is call Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Premier.  How do I get the updates to this application?
It appears that Kit wants to switch to SecureAnywhere Complete which is listed on the Google Play site as a free app.  If it is free, then why did I have to pay for it.
How do I get the proper update when the Google Store wants me to pay again?  I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus if that will help you.
Many thanks,
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Sorry abou the confusion Silver66,
The Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete application has the same functions as Premiere. Once you download it from Google Play and log into it with your keycodes that you purchased for your tablets they will have the same functionality as the Premiere app.
Does this clear things up? Please let me know!
Thank you,
Mike R
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Please follow the steps below to enter your Android keycode.

1. Please download and install the FREE app from the Android Marketplace if you have not yet done so already.
2. Open the Webroot Mobile app and then press the Menu button (Your Phone's Menu Button)
3. Tap Register and then tap Activate
4. Enter the keycode provided and then press OK to get your Full version:

This will activate your new subscription for the Android and you should be good to go.
I did as you advised.   I uninstalled the Premier Mobile that I had with 336 days left.  Then I installed the free version of Complete, but when I entered my keycode I get the following message:
"The keycode you entered is not a Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete keycode.  You must be a Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete customer to use this version."
I double checked the keycode that is listed on your site under my device and it is the same.
This is getting a bit cumbersome.  How about someone moving this up the line in Tech Support to someone that can give me some REAL help.  I paid for the program and Google Play stated that I have the free version installed.  I have explained this multiple times.  I purchased this from the Android market.  I expect to get some help so please forward this to someone who can do that.
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In looking at your account, there are a few things that are not entirely clear regarding how we're going about trying to install on this device. The information concerning Complete is not really applicable in this case either (my apologies for seeming to troubleshoot this in the wrong direction), since it appears all of these keycodes are for the Premier version. I'd like to sort this out for you. I'm setting up a support ticket now. Please check your email and reply back with the requested info. Since this case involves personal info like keycodes, email addresses, etc, it would be better to do this through the ticket system.


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Sometimes I feel like a nut, but this thread is probably close to driving you nuts.  I apologize for that.
So let's cover all the bases here...
Possibility number one -
You purchased the Premier App directly from the Google Market (Play Market).
In this case, the app purchase is always linked to the Google Account that made the purchase.  As long as the purchase was not refunded, Google should allow you to re-download the Premier app from the Play Market as long as you are using the same Google account.  Any deviation from this norm would require contacting Google, since it's their market system. :
Possibility two -
You got the free app from the market and used the In-App Purchase to upgrade to Premier, or you purchased the app in a retail store and entered your key into the Free version from the market.
When this happens, you are able to update with the free version on the market and your license key will continue to keep you on the Premier product.  The Free version has all the Premier functionality built into it.  Just the license key defines what the app does. 
That also means that if you know your license key, and it's a Premier license key, then downloading the Free version and entering the key into the Registration screen if necessary (Our servers try to guess your key for you when you log in, so it's not always necessary) will give you your Premier version.  It's important to remember that if you did an In-App Purchase, or purchased a key in the store, the Market update will always be for the Free version, and your license key code is what tells it to do its Premier stuff. :)
For the sake of clarity, I will go poke Jim and find out what's going on, just in case.
Finally..... a real explanation.   Thank you Kit. 
It appears that Google has lost it's "Do no Evil" policy by the way it is handling the Play Store.
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I contacted Silver right around the same time Kit answered this. Silver66 had just read the post and informed us it was quite helpful. His issue is now resolved. :)
Thanks Kit!