installing webroot on tablet

hi there,
I registered with webroot on my tablet and now I can't find the screen to enter the license code.
Please help!!

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The main GUI -> My account
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Hello Caroline,
If you are wanting to register a keycode, it is really pain free!  To register a keycode, follow the steps below:
1) Open the Webroot mobile app
2) From the main screen where is states "You are Protected", press your Android menu button
3) Here click on register
You will be able to enter your keycode here.  If you have any problems, let us know!
Josh C
Thank you for your help.
I can only get to this screen in webroot:
Warning: there are items that need your attention
fix this now
upgrade to premier version (which is when I am asked to pay again)
Please help, this is driving me batty.
thank you
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Hi Caroline,
Please send me a Private Message with your regtistered email address and keycode and I can check to make sure that your account is setup correctly.
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I'm going to put this information in here.
The screen described is on an Android Tablet.
If you purchased SecureAnywhere Complete or purchased a separate Webroot Mobile product, it can be used on the Android tablet.  However if you purchased only SecureAnywhere Antivirus or Essentials, it is not set for the tablet also.
If you got SecureAnywhere COMPLETE:
Firstly, you have the incorrect App installed on the tablet.  Uninstall the Webroot app that you have there, and search in the market for Webroot, then look for SecureAnywhere Complete.  It is also free, but it is a different app than Webroot Security & Antivirus.  Once the SecureAnywhere Complete app is installed, make sure you have signed up on the computer first at, then open the App and it will ask you to log in and provide your Complete license key code.
If you got the Android license specifically for your tablet:
You have the correct app.  When you are looking at the screen you described that has the option to upgrade to Premium, press the Menu key on your device, then tap Register.  You will be able to enter your license key from the screen that comes up.
If you got SecureAnywhere Antivirus or Essentials:
These two do not include Android coverage, however you can upgrade to Complete or purchase the Android app separately.
If you are not familiar with the Menu key on your tablet, you will want to refer to the tablet's user manual or assistance specifically for the tablet itself.  The menu button, installing apps, and other functions of the tablet are basic functionality that you will definitely want to be familiar with in order to have full use of the new device.
thank you Howard,
how do I send a private message?
Kind regards
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - I've found the register field and it's working!!
All the best
thank you Howard, but I've done it with Kit's help.
all the best
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I do apologize for my post in the thread. I misread the content and thought Caroline is asking about WSA computer version.
Thanks for your understanding.
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Very glad to hear things are working there, Caroline.  Mobile stuff tends to be very different from computer stuff on a desktop or a laptop, so it can be a little bit of extra learning curve.  If you have mobile app questions for us in the future, we do have a mobile section of the community forums that you should check out.  Some of the talented support folks who are help with Mobile specifically only check there.
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I'm glad that Kit was able to get it all sorted out for you Caroline.
Thanks again and Welcome to our Community !