Kindle Fire HD7 is crashing halfway through regular Webroot scan. No prev problems. Any ideas?

  • 15 January 2015
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Sorry, first time here. Problem is as per subject, didn't realise there was this box further down. Basically, I can't see a another way to contact Webroot with this query. How to get scan to work again. Cheers, John w.

4 replies

To clarify, the'scan' crashes, not the Kindle; repeated scans all crash, at same point as best I can tell, about halfway through.
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I would try a quick uninstall/reinstall of the app and see if it helps. It's pretty much always the first step, the old IT trick of switching it off and on again :D
Thank you for the suggestion; I have now tried this but,sadly, the anti-virus scan still crashes halfway through. I notice that it doesn't retain the fact that a scan has been attempted, and failed, just returning to the condition that a scan is overdue and the 'fix' is to run a scan; which again crashes halfway through, so it's just a cycling of failure. In another section of the software, for blocking malicious sites (something of that sort; can't check while typing this), there is a notice that the software is not currently compatible with my device - Kindle Fire HD7 tablet - so looks like I'll have to uninstall Webroot Security Free and look elsewhere for compatible software. Which is a pity, as the Webroot software otherwise seemed quite efficient, and I will be disappointed to see it go. Ho hum. But thanks for your assistance. Much appreciated. Cheers, John W.
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Hi johnaw
If I amy add to this thread...have checked back in the previous posts for you and all I can find that sems negative to WSA working on a Kindle Fire HD is the following, but which was published over a year ago;
"Yes, however Amazon made a change in a recent update to the Kindle Fire HD, which prevents Device Administrator from being enabled for 3rd party applications. The Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile app requires Device Administrator to use Lost Device Protection.  Due to the limitations imposed by the device manufacturer, some normal app features, such as Wipe and password protection during uninstallation, may not function correctly."
I suspect that this is not material but thought that it may be worth making you aware of it.
There seem to be a number of instances where there have been issues but these were resolved.  You best bet therefore is to Open that SUpport Ticket.
Regards, Baldrick