natwest online bankig blocked

  • 8 March 2012
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Hi I am trying to use natwest online banking on my mobile but webroot is blocking nwolb. Any ideas?

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4 replies

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Am I right thinking that WSA is blocking web page If so, please go to Secure Web Browsing, View details, and then Manage ignored websites. If you want to remove a site from the Ignored Websites list, press and hold the site name until the Selected Ignore Item panel opens, then tap Stop Ignoring.
In case WSA is blocking any system files of nwolb mobile application, then
Tap Ignore in the alert panel. (You can also tap the checkbox for Don't detect these files again.)
The Antivirus panel opens and displays buttons for removing or viewing the threat.
Tap View (or View detected threats).
In the Threats Detected panel, press and hold the threat name until another panel opens that gives you the option of removing or ignoring the threat.
Tap Ignore Selected Threat.
Once you ignore a threat, Webroot Mobile Security no longer detects the item during scans. You can view ignored threats by tapping View details from the Antivirus panel, then tapping Manage ignored threats.
Thanks for the swift reply. Yes it is which is blocked. I was unsure whether to proceed with a blocked site in case it was a bogus site mimicking the genuine one in some way.
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I see it is a HTTPS site, so you can verify its certificates. However in this case I would trust it.
General comment: Be always careful what sites/files you do allow and what threats you do ignore. You should do that ONLY in case you are absolutely sure a site or a file is safe and that's a false positive instead.
Thanks for your help