Re: I just paid for Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus and now I can't download it to mob

  • 2 May 2018
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Same problem here.  Paid $50 + tax (supposedly for 1 year), yet, after it was installed successfully on a Laptop, it STOPS ME at every stage on my Mobile Cell (Samsung Android)....I used the same many-digit Key code on the Cell, and it said, "successful," yet when I logged in (1st time), it rejected my name, my Email, my password...led me to reregister,  which still didn't  hrlp; led me to change Password page,  and,WebRoot still would not allow any movement forward.  I'm desperate for advice, and by the way, I' m sick and tired of these "auto-1-way" Help menus and "self-taught" instructions. Maybe I shoild direct my money paid to go thru all these steps before paid; then I think there would be some real help.  Any suggestions and directions HERE?
Disgruntled WebRoot Customer,
Daniel  Wasserman

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Hello @,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Sorry for the delay and for all the issues you are having. Have you installed Webroot for an Android here? Also you may want to look here for instructions encase you need them?
There are several other common issues, and this KB Article may help as well.
Next, go to the Account Console and log in.  If you have not yet created your Account Console, you need to do this in order to log into the mobile apps correctly.
Once logged in, click your email address at the upper right corner and choose "Manage Users" from the dropdown.
Locate the profile (Email address) you are wanting to use to log in.  Check to make sure that all permissions are set to Access.  If you have WSA Internet Security Plus for your computer, you will need Mobile Security and Password access.  If you have WSA Complete for your computer, you will need Mobile Security, Backup & Sync and Passwords all set to access. 
If these permissions are not correct, click the little "person icon" at the far right end of the profile you need to edit.  On the next screen, click the Access & Permissions tab at the top.  Adjust your settings here, and while you are here check the key code listed.
If you have tried all of this or you simply want to contact support then my best advice would be to Submit a Support Ticket and they can get you all straightened out. This is a free service with a Webroot subscription. Or you can call during normal business hours.  https://tel:18666124227
Hope this helps?