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  • 22 August 2012
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Hi Webroot Community,
I think the product is great or at least the scanning files app that I've used (haven't had to use the wipe remote feature thankfully) but I have enough going on in my Android header that I'd like to get rid of the green "W" icon in the upper left corner but still have the app running in the background.  Is that possible?  Thanks, Legger

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8 replies

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Hey StephenLegg,
That is a great question and indeed we do have a setting you can uncheck to get rid of the green "W"! :D
1. Open the SecureAnywhere app
2. Tap the Android menu button
3. Tap General Settings
4. Uncheck Persistent Status
And there you go!
Dear ,
on my Nexus (JB 4.2) the icon reappears even though the persistent status is off... Do you have any idea?
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Please try an uninstall and reinstall from the Google Play store and uncheck the "Persistent Status" setting. Please reply with your results after a fresh reinstallation.
No m8. Same issue still present after reinstall. I uninstalled, restarted my device and installed again. When I first disable the status it's working, however after awhile it shows again. If i enable/disable it goes for awhile and reappears. Is it maybe an 4.2 related bug so every time webroot scans the status icon shows?? My device is not rooted or anything. Its OTA 4.2.
Thanks a lot.
I have the box unchecked for persistent status but the icon won't disappear. I have to check the box and uncheck it in order for the icon to disappear, but it comes back after the auto scan. Very annoying! How can I fix this?
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I noticed we seem to have two open threads on this issue, so I've combined them.

I'd like to gather some data on this issue. Could anyone experiencing it please provide the following data?
1. Device type
2. Android OS version
3. Version of Webroot (name and version number)

We'll see if we can reproduce the behavior under similar circumstances. Thanks!
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Hello StephenLegg, hristijan_5 & Alicat825 Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
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Disabling persistant notifications doesn't mean that we never notify you it just means that you can now clear them like you can with any other notification.  So you will still see them from time to time, for instance if your scan is out of date we will still put a notification up there so that you know your scan is out of date.  The only difference is you can clear them.
Now there is a reason we use persistant notification as the default.  The Android OS does not guarontee that your application is always running in the background.  It can be killed at any time.  We start back up if this happens so that we can continue to protect your phone, however one of the ways we get a higher priority and do not get randomly shut down in the background is by using the persistant notifications. 
So while yes that little W at times can be bothersome to some it does serve a purpose.