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  • 6 October 2012
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A few months ago I purchased Secure Anywhere Essentials as I did not have a smart phone.  Well, now I do and I can't upgrade to the mobile app via the website.  When I click on Mobile app upgrade, I go to the cofigurator site which says I already have Secure Anywhere Complete and only gives me the option to increase backup webspace. 
I tried installing the Mobile Secure Anywhere complete app on my Droid phone and it installs, but when I get to the login keycode, It says I don't have the right keycode.  I took it straight out of the software.  What can I do to upgrade so I can protect my new smartphone?

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3 replies

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Hello klcostle,
Thanks for joining the Community. 😃 I have fixed an issue with your account by upgrading to a new keycode. I will send you a Private Message with this keycode and you will simply need to register it in your mobile devices and on your PC.
1. Open the SecureAnywhere Complete Mobile app
2. Tap the Android menu button
3. Tap Register
4. Enter the new keycode
On your PC you will open SecureAnywhere and navigate to My Account. Here you will push Activate a new keycode and copy/paste the new one from your Private Message.
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I added the keycode to my account, but when I go to my phone and try to log in with it I get the error that my user credentials arent associated with the code and it puts a red line under the second set of 4 characters. 
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Please try logging in again. Everything looks good on the backend but it may have needed time to recognize the update. Please let me know if it is associated correctly now and if everything is running smoothly.
Update: Credentials have been correctly associated.