1st - Thank You to Baldrick and others, 2nd - Suspicious Attack Ahead

  • 25 March 2016
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First, I want to mention a, Thank You, to Baldrick and others who helped me get rid of annoying popups. I haven't had trouble with popups since early January, so that is great, thank you so much!!
Secondly, there is a new issue. When I wake my computer up in the morning I go straight to Webroot and run a scan everything is good. Last infection was 3/19 and was resolved. When I go onto Chrome I get the Suspicious Attack Ahead message from Webroot, with the choices of Get me out of here or Tell me more about it. I haven't even gone to a site yet. just gone to Chrome. When I check the Tell me more about it, it doesn't give me any information. So, I run another scan, and nothing show up. So, then I go back to Chrome and the Suspicious attack message doesn't usually come up again, until the next morning. Why am I getting the message, but then not able to get any information on what the issue is? If the scans are coming up clean, why am I even the message?
Thank you in advance,

2 replies

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Hi vsko17
Many thanks for the feedback...great to hear that we were able to be of assistance. :D
In terms of your further issue; the Suspicious Attack Ahead message from Webroot emanates from the Web Filtering Extension & the rest of the functionality that is part of the Web Shield feature. It is normal to get it when you say you are getting it as it is designed to intercept a possible visit to a dangerous site..it would be pointless if you had already gotten to the site and may already have been attacked ;)
I am not sure as to why you are not getting any further information when you click 'Tell me more'. I have just tried on 2 sites I know to be potentially dangerous and I get the block and then the additional info when I click the 'Tell me more' option.
If you would private message me the site in question I can try it out at my end and see if I can replicate the issue, and I will post back findings and suggestions as to how to proceed as soon as I have tried.
BTW, running further scans will not show up anything as they focus on what is on your system not what is on the Internet and as you have not yet gone to the site you cannot have downloaded anything for WSA to find in a scan.
I await your take up of my offer re. the website in question. Just let me know.
Regards, Baldrick
It's possible that an unwanted program in the past made changes to your shortcut of Chrome, or to Chrome's home page itself.
Can you remove the shortcut in the taskbar/desktop by right clicking the icon and deleting it, or unpinning it.
You can follow these steps:
1) Hold down on your keyboard - Windows Key + R.
2) Type "chrome" into the run box then click OK.
3) Right click the chrome icon currently in the task bar and click "Pin this program to taskbar".
After doing this, try to reset the browser:

1) Type "chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings" into Google Chrome's address bar, press enter, then click "Reset".
2) Type "chrome://settings/clearBrowserData" into Google Chrome's address bar, press enter, then click "Clear Browsing Data".
After performing the steps above, make sure the Webroot filtering extension is still installed and enabled:
1) Type "chrome://extensions" into Google Chrome's address bar.

Hope that helps! :D