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  • 22 December 2013
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I am trying to get my favorite game working on a new computer. When I bought this computer, I decided to try webroot because I had heard good things and I had heard that it would still work together with Nortons. Long story short, webroot will not allow me to play my game and I had to turn it off just to get it downloaded. I had hoped that once downloaded I could safely play it, but now WR has snagged my .exe for the game. I need to restore my .exe and get WR to allow the game or WR has to go. I have read some of the other posts with the same complaints, but the places indicated to make the exceptions do not seem to exist on my veersion. I accept that I am most likely doing something wrong and not getting where I need to go so I am asking for help. Thanks.

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Hello DarthMuertre and welcome to the Webroot Community!
First, just to be safe, I need to mention, are you positive that the .exe file for the game is indeed safe?  While it could very well be a false postive, there could something there which WSA is correctly identifying.  If you are not sure, you can try taking the URL of the download and checking it at and see what it says.
I also urge you to submit a Trouble Ticket.  This is simply to help verify that the file is indeed OK, and this will allow Webroot Support to Whitelist the file so that you, and others, do not continue to be bothered by a False Positive.
OK, now if you are quite sure that the file is safe, lets try to get you fixed!
Open WSA, and click the 'gear tool' next to PC Security.
Click the Quarantine tab.
Check to see if your game .exe is listed here.  If so, select it and click Restore at the bottom right.
Next, blick the Block/Allow files tab.
Is your game .exe listed here?  If so, and it is marked Block, change that to Allow.
If the game .exe is not listed, click the Add File button, navigate to the hard drive location where it is installed, select it and set it for allow.
Give this a try and see if it helps.  If not, let us know and we will try to go from there.
I opened a ticket already. I have been playing with the game and mod on my other computer for over 4 years. My other laptop finally died of old age(almost 7 years old), so I bought a new one. The ONLY other change to my set up besides windows 8 is webroot. The community for the game has a proceedure for dealing with windows 8, leaving webroot as the most likely culprit. With that out of the way, let me follow your instructions and thanks for the reply.
Ok, I thought that was going to work, but the game just locked up when trying to start. It locked up badly enough to lock up my computer so that I could not even turn it off with task manager. I had to reboot. Am I going to have to redownload/install the game? It is no longer listed as quarantined and is on the allow list.
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Give the redownload a try.  Sounds like it was indeed in the quarantine, so hopefully Support will get that whitelisted soon, but being on your own Allow list should work until then.  I really don't know why it locked up the computer, but give that reinstall a try!
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Also watch for any other files associated with the game being blocked or put into the quarantine, that could have happened as well.
I am re-installing it now. Hopefully that will fix it. Will I need to go back and allow it again since it will be a new install?
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@DarthMuertre wrote:
I am re-installing it now. Hopefully that will fix it. Will I need to go back and allow it again since it will be a new install?
Mighty good question, and to be honest I am not sure.  My feeling is that if it is installing into the same path it was in before, no.
I did have to re-install, but n ot reallow acceptions. Thanks for your help.
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Any time!  I am glad it is working now. 
Drop by anytime, this is a great place to learn more about WSA 🙂