Hi....been gone awhile.

  • 27 September 2015
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Been having a weird year and sorry I haven't been around.  :(  Hope all you guys are doing well.
I had a strange thing happen today on my computer and I'm baffled.  I signed in as usual and where there is usually a photo on my desktop of a person that I put there myself, there was a stock photo from Apple of a mountain.  I sat here staring at it for a minute, like, how did THAT happen?  My husband hadn't even been on the computer after I shut it down last night, and he wouldn't go into my "side" of our Mac anyway.  If I didn't change the photo, does anyone know how it got changed?
I ran a full Webroot scan and it came up clean.  If anyone has any ideas how this happened, please let me know.  It's really bugging me!

4 replies

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Hi ?,
Nice to hear from you...sorry you are having an issue.
I am perplexed myself as I own a Mac and this hasn't happened to me. Do you have any updates that may occured automatically? Not sure what to tell you but you can change it back to what you had and see if it does this again.
My advice would be to check your Disk permissions because if these permissions are incorrect, they can cause a variety of issues, both with your programs and with computer performance itself. (This is what I would do right off the bat.)
To check permissions on the Mac OS:
1. Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.
Note: The Disk Utility feature is advanced and powerful. Any action you take using the Disk Utility is at your own risk. We recommend you only use the Disk Utility under instruction by a qualified technician.

2. Click the Hard Drive name, e.g. Macintosh HD, in the left panel.

3. Under the First Aid tab, select Show details.
4. Click Verify Disk Permissions. This operation may take some time to complete.

5. If the operation finds permissions issues, fixing them can resolve the issue you have reported. Click Repair Disk Permissions. This process may also take time to complete.

6. Once the repair process is finished, restart your computer.
Hope this helps?
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Hi Sherry!  
Wow, I miss you guys!  Don't seem to get around to keeping up with anything.  And I always have issues.  :@
Tnx for the quick response!  I knew I could count on the community.
I've decided taking care of a computer is like taking care of a 2-year-old.  I totally forgot in chasing down other issues to think of running check permissions.  Haven't done it in awhile, so thank you for reminding me to do it.  I feel so dumb, as usual, as I've done it in the past as part of keeping my computer happy.....like changing oil in the car.....but this year so far has been one medical issue after another (so far, nothing too serious!), that's run through the family, including the DOG.  I guess my Mac has decided to get in on the act and get sick so it doesn't feel left out.;)
I am going to go immediately run check permissions as advised.  Thank you, Sherry, and hope you have a good night!
(And I still think it's gremlins!)
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Hello Jan,
Yes it's probably Gremlins, ;)
Anyways it's easy to forget doing the Permissions isn't it?
You are most welcome by the way and I hope you were able to resolve this issue?
Have a great day!
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Hi Sherry.....
Aha!  Somebody else believes in gremlins!  lol
Oh, man, forgetting permissions is way too easy.  I'm glad my Mac cleaner reminds me or I'd forget that, too.  If you saw my computer desk that's piled with paper.....I never know what to do with paper because I write notes to myself and a few days later, can't remember what the notes meant, but they MUST be important, right?
I call it "The Shiny Object Syndrome".  No matter what I'm doing, something else will catch my attention and I'll veer off my path to take care of that "shiny object" and forget the original thing I was going to do.  Senility or too much to remember?  Ack.
I hope the issue is resolved.  The photo I put on my desktop last night was there today, so I'm hopeful.  Tnx again, and tnx to you and Baldrick for the kudos.  Considering the pile of laundry I have to do today, I needed some kudos for something!  :D  I'm coming off a Friday night high school football game and a high school band competition on Saturday.  Bleachers are not made for grandparents!  heh  
Have a great day, everyone!