This is driving me crazy... Help?

  • 3 November 2012
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Okay so I love this antivirus, my job is selling computers and I am always recommending webroot, but, there is this webroot icon that appears on my desktop every time i turn my computer on.  I drag it to the recycling bin and then next time I reboot it's right back up there again.  I need to have my desktop organized and clutter free so I need this dang thing off of there.  I have the little icon down in the lower right hand corner of my taskbar.  So why the big bulky icon?  I cannot seem to find any option in the settings to rid myself of it nor can I find the answer to this on google.  HELP!! 😕

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Hello kaeilaaa, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
To remove the icon that is on the desktop:
Open Webroot > Settings > Advanced Settings > Show a SecureAnywhere Shortcut on the Desktop (Untick) > Save All.
If you go down to taskbar double clink webfoot at top right side clink setting  then at the bottom clink advanced settings take the check mark out of first box that should do it.