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  • 12 January 2014
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Just installed Werbroot Security Everywhere. I can no longer use Roboform. any similar conflicts?

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Hello ellistan and welcome to the Webroot Community!
What exactly is the issue with Roboform?  Does it simply not work, or has WSA 'detected' anything 'bad' with it and removed and/or blocked it?
I receve an message that I have to re-activate my RoboForm subscription. Once I follow the on-line instructions to re-activate the RoboForm subscription, the app works fine until I shut the computer down. When I re-boot, I have to go through the same re-activation sequence.
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When you follow the instructions to re-activate it, does that require you to re-download any components of the app?
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I am looking  back at previous posts, and I find This One, so maybe your issue is from the same cause.
If you are postive that the program is safe, (And I know you are, I just always put that warning on  :)  ), then try the following:
After a reboot, when the program is NOT running correctly, open the WSA interface and click the 'gear tool' next to PC Security.
In here, click the View Active Connections buttion.  In the list on the upper pane here, scroll down to see if Roboform is listed and set to Block.  If it is, change that to Allow.
Next, click the Quarantine tab.  Look to see if any of the Roboform files are listed here.  If they are, you will want to select them and click the Restore button.
Then, look in the Block/Allow files tab.  Are there any files from Roboform in here that are set to Block?  If so, you will want to set those for either Monitor or Allow.  Also, any item you found in Quarantine and had to restore you want to add here.  Click the Add File button and navigate to the Roboform directory to select the file, and set it to allow.
Reboot the computer.  (I dont know why.. sometimes all of the above seems to not work for some people until the computer has been rebooted.)
Check Roboform again and see if it is now working.
After you have done the above, you MIGHT need to reinstall the Roboform and then follow the above again, but try it first without the reinstall.
Also, I would urge you to file a Trouble Ticket for the issue.  This will help Webroot Support get the new files of Roboform that are possibly being blocked whitelisted.
Let me know of any of the above works!
Great. The advice was perfect. Running smoothly!~
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@ wrote:
Great. The advice was perfect. Running smoothly!~
Hello, I recently reactivated my webroot after my subscription had expired. I lost my disk so I had to get on my account to download the software for a new laptop I bought. Come to founded out that a laptop I currently do not owned anymore was currently being cover by Webroot, I went ahead and deleted that pc of my account and hope it gave me that slot to add another PC but it never did, I currently have Two slots and one is being used at the moment. Can I get my 3 slots I was promise? I did not know the antivirus was automatically renewed once it was reactivated. If I would have known I would have took off the software before I departed from my old laptop.
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I can manually remove the keycode from computers that you are no longer using. Can you Send me a Private Message with the old computer name or the email address that your online account is connected to?