How do I uninstall Wild Tangent games?

  • 14 January 2015
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I keep getting an error message when I try to uninstall Wild Tangent games.  Also system restore did not get rid of it.  What else can I do to get them off my computer?

1 reply

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Uninstall help
An alternative solution
-Go to Start, type 'msconfig': Disable HP Games, WildTanget Inc from Services and Startup.
Now reboot. Go to Control Panel>Programs and Features>
Uninstall HP Games/WildTangent.
If this does not solve the problem:
-Download and install Revo Uninstaller from the link below.
Run revo and use it to uninstall your WildTangent software.  Right click on the icon of the program you wish to remove and select Uninstall.  This will initially launch the normal uninstal routine which will probably still fail, but just continue  During the process you may be asked to delete registry entries, just select all and then click delete.  Do the same for any left over files and folders.  Once the uninstall has completed, reboot
I hope this is what you were asking