• 30 June 2014
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Hi.I have been playing Webzens "MU" for many years. After installing webroot, the first thing it did, was to declare the main game file "main.exe" infected. I rescued the file, but at every update of the game files, I have to rescue the file. could you tell me what the threat is, and what it does?
I have been using Zonealarm extreme security for many years and it newer complained about the file.
I do have screenshots, but I can see no way to attach them,
Finn Harder

2 replies

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Hello Finn, welcome to the Webroot Community!
It sounds like the executable file simply needs to be 'whitelisted'.  Please submit a Trouble Ticket to have Webroot Support take a look and whitelist the file in the Cloud: that should take care of the problem for you.
Now, in the time before Support gets the Trouble Ticket, you can also try to over-ride it 'locally' on your own computer.  If you are positive that the file is NOT harmful in any way you can do the following, but I urge you to read THIS THREAD first!  This recent post had a very similar issue, and it turned out that Webroot Support did indeed find some very questionable adware with the program in question, though NOT the main executable.  I THINK your case is different, but do consider carefully before doing the following:
  • Open WSA
  • Click the 'gear tool' next to PC Security
  • Click the Quarantine tab.  Make sure none of the required files have been blocked for some reason.
  • Click the Block/Allow files tab.  Make sure none of the required files are listed here as blocked.  It may be a good idea to add the exectuable files here as Allowed.
  • Go back to the Main WSA panel
  • Click the 'gear tool' next to Identity Protection
  • Click the Application Protection tab
  • Check to make sure that the required files are not listed here as blocked.
  • Go back to the Main WSA panel
  • Click the 'gear tool' next to Utilities
  • Click the System Control tab
  • In the middle area, in Control Active Processes, click the Start button
  • Check to make sure that the required files are not set for block in this area.
Let us know if this helps any!
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Hello @ , welcome to the community! 
Browse around, the community is loaded with valuable information. Check out our knowledge base https://community.webroot.com/t5/tkb/communitypage 
Hope to see you here often and please do come back and let us know how @ 's advise worked out foir you.
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