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  • 30 August 2019
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Is Webroot backup incremental or differential?

Best answer by Baldrick 31 August 2019, 12:03

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8 replies

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Hello @johnvel

Please have a look at the PC User Guide:

and here:

Backup & Sync

@TripleHelix can you assist here & or @Baldrick ?
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Here are many subjects about the Back Up and Sync over the years:
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Here are many subjects about the Back Up and Sync over the years:

Thank you Daniel!😊
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Webroot Backup & Sync is not, I believe, an imaging tool, per se, like Macrium Reflect, etc. but a backup tool. And the concept of differential & incremental only relates to the former.

As far as I am aware Backup & Sync will backup, i.e., take a copy of, whatever is registered to Backup & Sync. There may be some logic/intelligence like checking to see if current file is the same as the current back up, i.e., in the event of no change no backup is made. But I have seen no evidence of that with my use of Backup & Sync.

What I would say is that if yo are looking for a solution that provides differential & incremental images (and therefore by default Full image capabilities) then you should look elsewhere for that. There are plenty of capable solution both free & paid out there.

Hope that helps?

Regards, Baldrick
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@Baldrick I sure appreciated your assistance/response with this question. Thank you so kindly! 😊
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HI Sserjj --
Thanks for your response. Syncing is not a concern for me, I only work on my desktop (I have a laptop only for disaster purposes). Where I was coming from re: the terms “differential” and “incremental” is explained in the article below. It appears to me from the article you referenced –
“If SecureAnywhere detects an edited file, it does not overwrite the original version stored in your account. Instead, it uploads the latest version and makes a copy of the original file. If necessary, you can revert back to previous versions, up to five. If you save changes a sixth time, your most recent version is saved and the oldest version is removed.” –
that for my purposes this functionally amounts to a differential backup, which is exactly what I want. That is, if I need to restore all my data, or even just a folder containing numerous files, a differential would allow me to do it in one shot, while an incremental would mean I’d have to restore each incremental backup since the last full backup. (It used to be that the software included with my portable disk would do incrementals, so I eventually stopped using it and went to differentials.)
Thanks again.

(“A differential backup is similar to an incremental backup in that it starts with a full backup and subsequent backups only contain data that has changed. The difference in incremental vs. differential backup is that, while an incremental backup only includes the data that has changed since the previous backup, a differential backup contains all of the data that has changed since the last full backup.
Suppose that you wanted to create a full backup on Monday and differential backups for the rest of the week. Tuesday's backup would contain all of the data that has changed since Monday. It would, therefore, be identical to an incremental backup at that point. On Wednesday, however, the differential backup would back up any data that had changed since Monday as well.
The advantage that differential backup offers over incremental backups is a shorter restore time. When speed is important, such as in a disaster recovery scenario where downtime is unacceptable, rapid restores can be crucial. Restoring a differential backup never requires more than two backup sets. Incremental backups, on the other hand, could require a great number of backup sets. Of course, the tradeoff in incremental vs. differential backup is that, as time progresses, differential backup media can grow to contain much more data than an incremental backup.” )
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Hi Baldrick,
Thanks to you too for your response. I think you can see from my previous what I was looking for, and it appears to me SecureAnywhere will do what I want.
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@johnvel ,

To be honest I did research the differences between the Full/Incremental/Differential as I never heard of this before on this Forum before my reply to you. Thus the pinging of my Commandants to further assist me. The article you posted I had already read and thought after reading the article that Differential sounded like what Webroots Backup & Sync was noted for. But wasnt sure what you were asking for as your title stated "details in backup". So I read into that meaning detail of how Webroot B&S worked. 🤔

BTW: Great question!

So thank you for your detailed response in your last post to me. As I've learned ALOT about Backups. Much appreciated.

I am happy to hear B&S is what you are looking for. 😊