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Cnet is safe and just downloaded the program. Downloader contains only the elements of the installation of additional Toolbar - Babylon, which need not be installed because there is such an option and can be omitted. I wanted to report this fact into account and added it to the base program. Thank you.

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Hey Andrzej76,
The CNET downloader also installs adware. Although the files and toolbar are not malicious, the detection is not a false positive either. Since it is only adware, you have the choice to allow the file onto your system.
Allowing a file detected by SecureAnywhere:
  1. Please check to see if any related files are in quarantine
  2. Click the “PC Security” button on the left
  3. Click the “Quarantine” button
  4. Click the check box next to the file name and then click the “Restore” button
  5. Verify that any related processes are set to “Allow”
  6. Click on “System Tools” on the left
  7. Click the “System Control” tab
  8. Click the “Start” button under Control Active Processes
  9. Find the active process and click the “Allow” button
Changing file “Detection Configuration” for files:
  1. On the “Quarantine” tab, click the “Configure” button under Detection Configuration
  2. If the file is in the list, click the “Allow” button
  3. If the file is not in the list, click the “Add file” button
  4. Browse to the file and click “Open”
  5. Confirm the file is set to “Allow” in the list
Thanks for the explanation on Cnet. As for the restoration of quarantine and other settings well as I know. Yours. Andrew.
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A good rule of thumb is to only download from a software makers website only.The malicious website protection in WSA will keep you safe just incase the home site is infected.I will never ever download anything from cnet again.I do not think they do a very good job policing their downloads.I've worked on a few pcs recently with infections traced to cnet downloads.Definitely not false positives as i was able to identify them with multiple programs.I love the cnet site as it is a decent source of information,but i would definitely steer clear of downloads there in general.Hope all is well..enjoy your week:D