How to install updated Webroot Complete on an Android device

  • 29 September 2016
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I have not seen this posted anywhere, so this could be useful to anyone wanting to install Webroot Complete on their phone.
I noticed that on the Google Play store Webroot Complete has not been updated in a while, but Webroot Free has been updated recently. That is good news as you can install Complete simply by installing the Free version.
1) Go to the Google Play store.
2) Search for and install Webroot Free.
3) Once it installs, it will prompt for a few extra steps. Follow these steps, and login to your Webroot account when asked.
4) Install the Secure Browser when it asks. 
You know will have a fully updated version of Webroot Complete. Backup and Sync is part of the main application now instead of a seperate app. If you use Webroot Password Manager, you can access the passwords through Secure Browser. Open the browser and click the Menu button (the three dots) in the upper right. Click Vault, and log in to your Webroot account. You can now access all of your passwords for use in the Serure Browser.

2 replies

I do the free download but then I get the screen that says CAN’T OPEN THIS PAGE

Now what?

I keep getting the message Can’t open the page

What now?