I renewed my subscription but it still says expired on my account?

  • 18 October 2016
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I renewed my subscriptionn but it still says it's expired

Best answer by BurnDaddy 18 October 2016, 16:43

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Hi Nicmalski,
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
If you renewed through Webroot then it should add time to your existing subscription. If you just did this very recently (in the last few hours) then I would just wait a bit and it should update. You are covered for 30 days past expiration so you are still protected. If you didn't renew through Webroot and purchased a new subscription and received a new keycode then you have not renewed your subscription, you have replaced it. If you have a new keycode then please do the following;
Open Webroot interface and click the gear next to My Account.
Then enter the NEW keycode in the box on the right and click Activate. This should take care of the issue.
You will also need to contact support to transfer your passwords and Backup & Sync information (if you use these) to your new keycode.
Hope this info helps. Please let us know if this resolves your issue.:)