is there a Password Manager add-on for FireFox Version 35 I can install?

  • 22 February 2015
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I have Win8.1 and running Firfox 35.0.1, is there a Password Manager add-on for firefox 35 ? Appreciate your help .... thanx in advance.

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Hello fevigna,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
If you have Webroot Ingernet Security Plus or WebrootAnywhere Security Complete then you will have the Password Manager,
Please right click in the right hand corner of your browser and look for Addons and see if the Password Manager is there and then enable it by putting by checking the box.
If it's not ther then please use the PM toolbar fix below and follow it's instructions.
Password Management Toolbar Fix Tool For PC:
Let us know if you need anymore help!
Kind Regards,
GM, I'm working with "Firefox 35.0.1" and I I was able to install the add-on called "Webroot Password Manager 2.5.0" and i see that is is ENABLEd BUT it does NOT work even though it is enabled ... based on what IE has it should be showing up on the Webroot toolbar.
It is not showing on the Webroot toolbar; the toolbar only shows the "Webroot Reputation Toolbar 1.4".
I fished around and tryed to troubleshoot this myself ... but i can't figur this one out.
Appreciate any insite ... information, etc.
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Hello fevigna,
Sorry to hear about tis issue of Password Manager, would you please try the Password Toolbar Fix again as mentioned in my last post?
Password Management Toolbar Fix Tool For PC:
Have you checked you online Account  Console, and set up Password Manager?
The passwords component should install along with your SecureAnywhere installation; however, it might not install in some situations.

To check if the Passwords component downloaded:
  1. Open SecureAnywhere.
  2. Open the Identity & Privacy tab.
  3. Click Password Management. If a Download and Install button appears, click the button to install the component. [img][/img] If the passwords component has successfully installed, the Password Management panel looks similar to the following example. [img][/img]  
  4. You can click the Manage Passwords button to access your online account. See the SecureAnywhere Website User Guide for complete instructions.
Then if you still can't get it to work then please submit a Support Ticket and they can look into this for you.
Kind Regards,
After using a download from some webroot source i was succeful in getting the webroot password manager installed into the firefox brower, With the toolbarfix.exe version, How ever every time i try to log in to it, so that it may allow webroot protection it says unknown email address and i use
Is there a fix for this add on.
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Hello MaytroshkaMuffin,
Welcome to the Webroot Communiity,
Have you set up an you set up an Account with Webroot
Can you sign into your Account Console?     with your email and password? Do you get any errors?
The latest version of Firefox is Mozilla Firefox 43.0.. Please go here for the latest update for FF if needed.
Let me know if you cannot sign into you Account Console and what errors you are getting.



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Hi Again MaytroshkaMuffin,
If you can sign into your Account Console then you might need tp change your permissions.
Once logged in, look at the upper right corner and click on the email address.  Choose Manage Users from the drop down.
On the users page, look at the permissions you have set for that user profile you are trying to use Passwords with.  It MUST be set for Passwords - Access.  If it is not set to Access, simply click the edit icon at the far right side of that line.  In the edit panel, click on the "Access & Permissions" tab.  At the bottom, put a mark in the box for Passwords.
As long as you are in permissions, you might as well give yourself Mobile permissions if needed.
See if the permissions are the problem and let us know if this helps!
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I have just updated FF to Ver43.0 and the password manager has been disabled. Is there a fix for this?

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Hello VanBuran,
I am not seeing this issue when I just updated FireFox. Have you tried the toolbar fix?
Password Management Toolbar Fix Tool For PC:

Please let us know if this didn't help..So that we can try something else.
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This is the same problem that jimk and I have reported in another thread. FF43 64bit disables UNSIGNED add ons, and by FF44 even the about:config option will not be possible. Surely Webroot can 'sign' this add on for WPM??
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Thank you Sherry. The fix worked:D
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That''s great news VanBuran!!:D
I suspect that the Toolbarfix works for some people, but I am also experiencing the problem where Firefox disabled the add-on because it could not be verified.  Is there another fix for THAT problem?
In case you had not found the solution yet, it is in this post: