Unable to View Key Codes

  • 26 September 2012
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I am able to log on to my account in my webroot but am unable to view my key codes and only have basic permission on my SecureAnywhere Console

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10 replies

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Hi pb1890,
Thanks for joining the forum. :D
This is indeed interesting. It looks like you created a second user on March 12th and this user has administrative console access. Although this user has administrative console access, they do not have access to the PC Security or the Mobile Console.
I will send you a Private Message with the email address to this admin user and if you remember the password you created (try the same one you are currently using if you don't remember) please login and follow the intructions below. If you are unable to login to this admin user please attempt these same instructions on the user you currently have access to.
Changing User Permissions
  1. Login to your My Webroot Account
  2. Click the drop-down arrow on your email address and go to Manage Users
  3. Click Edit user Details/Permissions at the right of each user
  4. Click the Access & Permissions tab
  5. Change SecureAnywhere Console, PC Security Console to Admin
  6. Change Mobile Security Console to Access
  7. Make sure that Passwords and Backups are both checked
  8. Click Save Access & Permissions
That is interesting, On that date I had an issue with installing on Android an a Tech made some changes to my account
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And did that fix your issue? I recommend following my instructions for both users. Then you will have the correct permissions accross the board.
Not yet recevied private message with email address. Unable to do this on my account as I do not have any access to edit permissions
Thanks Mike, Recived message, Am unable to log into the second account even with a password reset
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What exactly went wrong on the password reset? Was there an error message or did you get stuck at a certain point (Security Answer, Security Code)?
Pasword reset fine, let me put in a new password which it accepted and came back with a message saging that it was updated successfully. clicked home to log in with email and password then got error message above
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I believe I was just able to fix it on the back end for you. :D
Try logging into your main account (the one you registered on the Community with) and follow my Access & Permissions directions.
No Still no luck, Still dont have manage users
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The account looks good from my end now. You should be using the p******n@ email address.
If that doesn't work, we can start fresh with a new email address and a new keycode or we can setup a remote session where I can access your PC and try to change the permission settings.