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  • 12 August 2012
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HI, I am new to webroot.
I am also not very clued up re technical information.
I can get by usually downloading and using the internet etc but quite ignorant really:@
I have webroot complete installed on laptop and pc, and it works very well. I am really pleased with it.
However, I am trying to install it on my Samsung S11.
My notifications say that it is downloaded, but I can't find it anywhere on my phone, and also though I logged in to my account at no time during the instal was I asked for any code. I have checked my webroot  account on my pc and the phone is not listed.
I have tried twice now, but just keep getting directed to the google play site and go through all the same screens, but still can't seem to add my phone to my account or see where webroot is stored.
Can anyone help with a very simple step by step guide or tell me where I am going wrong. I think I have the free version installed somewhere on my phone  ....but not sure.
By the way I am completely new to this forum so please bear with me, I  have been a member about five minutes....if this isn't the right place to ask for info...sorry.

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Welcome to the Community sue02!
You chose the correct forum for your post. Don't be shy, when you have questions or concerns the Community is an excellent resource for you to use.  ;)
The steps I recommend for you are below:
1. Go to the Google Play Store and locate the SecureAnywhere free app.
2. Select "Uninstall" from the Play store since you cannot locate it on the device itself. You may also open your "Task Manager" on your device and navigate to the Downloaded tab. Here you will be able to see a list of installed apps and you should have the option to click "Uninstall" on the free app.
3. Next you will want to search the Google Play Store for the SecureAnywhere Complete app and download it.
4. Now you can open the app and sign in with your My Webroot Account credentials (The email you need to use is not the same as the one you registered here on the Community with. It is a separate Yahoo address and I will send it to you in a Private Message)