Webroot Filtering Extension suddenly showing up in Google Chrome after restart.

  • 10 February 2018
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I recently restarted (Feb. 9th 2018) Google Chrome to let it update; however, I suddenly got the Webroot Filtering Extension when I do not own it. It says that my company put it there, but I am a student on my home computer that I built myself. Extremely confused as to why Webroot Filtering is there now. Wondering how to get rid of it.

4 replies

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Hi GlitchZncro
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If it is just the Webroot Filtering Extension showing in Chrome then all you should need to do is to uninstall it by going to the Chrome settings (click on 3 dots in a vertical line in the top right hand corner of the browser), and from there click on 'More tools' & then 'Extensions'.
From there you should see a list of all installed extension one of which should be 'Webroot Filtering Extension':

You should then have the option to uncheck 'Enabled' which will leave the extension installed but not active or click on the Trash Can icon which will delete the extension.
Give the above a try and post back if that doe snot remove the extension for you.
Regards, Baldrick
It doesn't let me, saying that it was installed by an administrator which results in me not being able to remove it.

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Hi @, I think that this would be best answered by one of our technical support agents. If you open a ticket here they will be happy to help: https://www.webroot.com/us/en/support/contact.