where are scan logs located

  • 5 July 2015
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Where does Webroot store your scan longs, I notice that it is  keeping  count of scans

4 replies

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Hi jnjumpy73
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If you click on the Utilities tab in the main app panel that will reveal further option one of which is Reports.  If you click on Report a new panel will open and on the lefthand side you will see optiosn to save both the Scan Log & the Threats Log.
If you click on either of these, depending on what information you want, you will b offerred an option to identify where to save the relevant data and be asked to give the saved file a name.  If you do that the saved file will then open in Notepad and yo wil be able to scan, copy, edit the details.
Please note that the logs are cumulative and so shouldretain data from either when you installed WSA or you reset the logs.
Hope that helps?
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Unfortunately, this information did not help me. Apparently my version of Webroot is different because it came installed on my computer from Best Buy and says, "Your Webroot security is provided by GeekSquad." When I click the Utilities tab on the right of the Webroot SecureAnywhere interface, the only options I see are "Optimize Now" and "Run System Analyzer." Are my log files located elsewhere? Is there a way for me to get the full version of Webroot? I am spooked since the news of the CCleaner hack which installed infected versions of CCleaner on 2.2 million users' systems from Piriform's servers and want to know that I have the full protection of Webroot. Please advise if I have the full version (currently and if there is a way to access the logs within my version of the software. Thank you.
Update on how to "save" a log file. You need to not only click on "Utilities" but then on the gear icon directly across from the word "Utilities." This will open a window with 4 tabs along the top. One of them is "Reports." After selecting "Reports" you will see the options to "Save a Scan Log" and "Save a Threat Log." However, there are no options to actually "View a Scan Log." Is seems that Scan Logs are NOT automatically saved. I was really hoping that I could go back over the past month and half to see if there were any threats detected from CCleaner which had a major infiltration of their servers and software. If I had received an notices from Webroot on whether or not to trust CCleaner, I would most likely have allowed CCleaner to run because I had no reason not to trust it until learning recently of the breach at Piriform. Personally, I believe that this shows a very important missing feature, the automatic saving of scan logs within Webroot.
Go ahead and save that Threat Log. Then open it. You will find a history of all threats detected and cleaned since you installed Webroot (if there are any).
Hope that helps!