Your PC is currently centrally managed by the Web Console

  • 20 January 2016
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I was trying to change my scheduled scan time and received this message.
Note: Although your settings will be saved locally, your PC is currently centrally managed by the Web Console & your settings may be over written on the next database communication.
Can someone explain this to me? 

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3 replies

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Hi MadelineB
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I believe that your issue is due to the permissions set on your account so please do the following; access the web console (HERE) and under 'PC Security' click on the 'Go to PC Security' you should be taken to a page that shows all the PCs that you have registered/are protected by WSA. 
Click on the icon for the one or ones (in turn) that you are interested in changing the setting for and that should display a popup panel headed with three options; About, Scan Information & Commands. 
Make sure that About is selected and then look at the bottom of the panel.  There you should see 'User Configuration' with '(Edit)' next to it, but given what you are reporting I suspect that you will have some other setting set there.  So, if you click on Edit you should have a drop down with options amongst which should be 'User Configuration'; select that option and then save the change.
You of course need to do the same for each computer protected as in each case you are only making the change for the computer selected.
You should now find that you changes in the local client of WSA are not overriden any more. Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick.
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Thank you.  That worked.
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Hi MadelineB
You are most welcome. Glad that this is now sorted for you. :D
Regards, Baldrick