How do I get the webroot Chrome extension back for Windows 10?

  • 7 February 2016
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So When I went to make the webroot chrome extension activive (it was greyed out and I hadn't noticed till I had webroot for a monthor two) I noticed that there were two of them. Worried that i had accidently downloaded a fake one I removed both from chrome. However I later learned (or at least I'm fairly certain) that they were both from Webroot and the newer version for some reason had simply failedd to remove the older extension. The Problem I'm facing though is that I cant seem to find any way to get the extension back, it isn't on web store and i can't find it in Webroot. I found a page on Community that did lead to a Webroot extension called "Webroot Filtering Extension" . This did not bring back the button for the extension and I think it's the wrong extension. If anyone could help me find the actual extension that'd be great.
P.S. even tho I selected the Internet security Plus board i can't find anything that says the "plus" at the end, but it was internet security right across the top ribbon so I hope this is the right board!

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Hello sauronofmordor,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Have you checked your Chrome Extensions in Settings to see if this is ebabled or not? If so then follow this below if you feel technically able to do a manual install:
Navigate to C:ProgramDataWRDataPKG...note that this is a hidden folder and so you will either need to adjust the settings using the Control Panel's Folder Options to view such folders, or you can use the programdataWRData commend in the Search field under the Start Menu and then select the PKG folder from the list provided.
Then, open the Chrome Extensions page in the browser, and at the top of the page check Developer Mode to be 'On'.
After that drag the following file from the from the PKG folder to the Extensions page:
After the drag 'n drop await the message that one is trying to install a new extension to which you should answer 'Install'.
Once the extension is installed uncheck the Developer Mode and should have the extension now working under Chrome.
Here is the link to the Web Filter for Chrome encase this isn't the one you had from the Chrome Store:
Hope this helps. If not please get back to us.
In W10, I dragged in the lpchrome.crx file to Chrome and got: "This fill may be corrupted."  I wasnt able to do anything after that.  I also see a "lpchrome.crx.inuse" file in the PKG folder and there is nothing but a readme file in the Chrome folder.  I hope  you have a way out for me.
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Hi tony99,
Are you looking for the Webroot Webfilter? If so look here
The Webroot Extensions for Chrome hsve to be installed from the Google Store now.
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Hi tony99

Welcome to the Community Forums.

As I stated in the other thread you posted in...unfortuantely, for us, Google has decided to tighten up on how & what extensions can be added to Chrome, ostensibly to make things as Sherry has correctly added as of recently one can only do so by installing from the Google App Store (I personally have my doubts about whether we are actually safer given how riven with malware the Store appears to be from reports in the computer press).

But there you have it...again.

Regards, Baldrick
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You sent me a reply re my question: "How can I remove the Webroot extension" because no matter what I do (and I mean I've tried ALL the solutions even talked to 2 Webroot techs who've since escalated my issue with a "ticket", although I've not heard from a soul). You msged me saying the extension is part of the Webroot Security APP. Well....I DO NOT have the Webroot Security App and haven't had it for over at least a year, and suddenly I see this extension that can't be removed due to being installed by "enterprise policy".
So NOW what do I do expert?!