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  • 25 August 2012
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Can anyone tell me how to delete a user from the Manage User dropdown. I created a fictitious user because I am having a problem with Backup and Sync. I am the only one who uses the computer and being the Administrator, it will not allow me access to perform backups. When I created the fictitious user it allowed it access to backups. I have been trying all day to resolve the problem, even contacting Webroot support and uninstalling and reinstalling Essentials. Not only do I not have access to Backups and a fictitious user, my file manager shows my computer three times and it will not let me delete any of them.

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8 replies

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Hello JDMoose,
It seems like you do have some sort of problem going on there. I wouldn't try to delete anything right now until you hear from the Webroot Team.
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Hey JDMoose,
Make sure that your account and users have Admin settings enabled.
Changing User Permissions
  1. Login to your My Webroot Account
  2. Click the drop-down arrow on your email address and go to Manage Users
  3. Click Edit user Details/Permissions at the right of each user
  4. Click the Access & Permissions tab
  5. Make sure that Passwords and Backups are both checked
  6. Click Save Access & Permissions
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 Thanks for the advice.  I've tried doing what you instructed many times. I am using Essentials, so Password is grayed out. I do check Backups, but it still comes out No Access. This is how I made the mistake of creating a New user, but it will allow the new user access. I have even tried to uninstall and reinstall with the same results.
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You mentioned that it will allow the new user access, can you log in to this user and change the permissions settings for any other users associated with the account? I will be able to take a closer look on Monday when I have access to your account on the back end.
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I apologize for giving you the incorrect info. It will give me the new user that I just added from the Manage User page with another email address that I use, that lets you Create a New User. It will not allow me to change it to not Active. My main user that I use is the user that it will show not active for backups. It also added 4 Sync folders and Magic Briefcases to  my Open FIle Manager under Backup and Sync tab. No matter what I do I cannot get it to work. I've even done a clean uninstall and reinstall and everything stays the same. Everything that I've tried will not change what is already there.
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Please try logging in to the My Webroot Account using the other email address that you mentioned and then trying the permissions instructions I had given. If this still does not work you can Open a Support Ticket and I will be able to take a look on the back end tomorrow.
Please Send me a Private Message with the two email addresses you have used on the My Webroot Account as well as the one you use to open a support ticket.
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I sent you a PM. Hope it helps
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Thank you for your patience in this JDMoose.
You are now set up and your Backup & Sync is working on the new My Webroot Account.
Please let me know if you have any other questions!