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Greetings Webroot Gurus, All was well until my HP Desktops Hard Drive and Network Card decided to break itself. I'm slowly getting up and running again. I lost a bunch of saved information but most importantly I have most of my Webroot information back again.
I am however having a heck of a time getting the toolbar back up. I tried all the suggestions but am running into a wall. When I attempt to do the fix, the program keeps telling me I have more than one browsers open.
I do have the latest version of Firefox which is my main browser I'm using.  Am trying to get the nice little Green colored wheel back to the upper right hand corner so I can just click on a favorite and go right to it without having to enter passwords etc....
I know the information is all saved because I see them but for some reason I cant get the toolbar/ tool bar fix to open.
Any help will sure be appreciated.......many thanks.

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There is a utility specifically for re-installing  the Password Manager browser extensions for IE, Chrome and FireFox.  (One run of the utility will look for all 3 browsers.)  You can download this utility HERE.
1.  Download and save the installer to your desktop 

2.  Double click the toolbarfix.exe file to launch the installer

3.  Follow the prompts until the window displays “Process reports success.  Please restart your browser if it is open. Done!”

4.  Press the Finish button.
If this does not helps - You can also submit a Trouble Ticket.
Hi Robert, Forgive me for my brief response but I am on my phone. I had the same problem as you. Toolbar fix didn't work for me either. I had to do a reinstall of Webroot.

Hope this helps.

Greetings BD and thanks for the reply. Been busy around the Home Front....painting. After a few stumbles due to my lack of computer knowledge, the operating steps are beginning to take hold. In other words, I'm almost back to normal.
Much obliged for your past, present and future help !
Greetings Petrovic, much obliged for your help. Thanks to all the helpful replies, I'm just about back to normality. Is it just my computer or did the Forum section get a face lift. It appears to be formatted differently since re-upping my HP Desktop ?
Thanks again !
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Hi Robert,
Yes Webroot Community Forum did get a facelift. It's a nicer look I think. 😉